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"And once you are awake, you shall remain awake eternally. ”

“No Laughing Matter”

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“On ne peux pas tirer le diable par la queue, aujourd’hui il est inenvisageable de sortir sans un masque contre le covid, alors autant qu’il soit stylé” trezetreze 2020

Covid Protection by TrezeTreze

masque anti covid par trezetreze
plutot pastel, ou plutot métal, le masque anti covid par TrezeTreze

A few trezetreze masks for your own protection, and of others

There s one black and white, and a pastel pink one for now,

there priced around 13usd and ship worldwide

As usual thanks to magic, the artwork comes on many other items and in several sizes.

Vanité TrezeTreze 2020 (c)
“Y a pas de quoi rire” trezetreze (c)

Don’t hesitate to request me if you want another color tone or have any suggestion,

here is link for black and white

and here is the pastel pink version

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