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14 mars 2023
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Over Ebay

You can buy trezetreze original drawings over ebay,

the starting bid is 1€ on most of them

They are from different eras, or yesterday, different medium, format, and in different condition

some were used for making digital paintings, or books, some were to be used as grocery list,

they all mean something to me, but there are lots of them, it’s going overboard

so I decided to share some,

hope you enjoy !

peace *smiley peace* *smiley heart* smiley skull*


Visual Research & Direction

17 mars 2021
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TrezeTreze Museum ~

zines, prints & goodies shop

affiches grand format5€ + Livraison

13 avril 2022
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Day of the Dead <3

Enjoy in about ONE DAY in OSAKA JAPAN

at Gallery IYN

insta : @galleryiyn

and simoultanously all over the Internet Network

in life and death

“In Life and Death”

~ not your doll (alt)

a New Large Format Digital Painting

by TrezeTreze

#coffincore #dollcore #cemeterycore

4 août 2021
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Spare Those Remains

I like the image, it’ s one of my favorite right now, as you can see for once it’s signed, (its even engraved) but as, XIIIXIII

Like usual, it is encased in a tube giving very good protection for your print,

it is (also) signed on the back, and sold around 10€ including shipping

and shipped worldwide,

Spare the remains
Spare The Remains

13 mars 2021
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Not For Human Consumption


“Impropre a la consommation”

c’est le nom de la future exposition à venir cet été 2021, à paris

Pour se préparer à cette évenement,

Une selection de peinture par TrezeTreze (myself) imprimées sur grands formats,

Is a set of New prints (ships worldwide)

5€ + livraison,

Because it’s Halloween everyday we celebrate

7 septembre 2020
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News for 2020 post ap

New Prints for Sale,

Sold around 5 USD (5€) + shipping, and shipped worldwide,

some oldies that should have been up before in the gallery, and 2 or 3 more recent pictures, I will keep adding up tho

If You want some reading

Well then you have Sorciere Magazine, wich contains Art from Artists we love, and true stories

please note that while the 3 first issue of the Sorciere Magazine are Bi-Lingual (french ~english), “Le Petit Chaperon Noir”, my kid book, is in -French-

If you want to Follow me

always possible nowadays, using the Internet Network, here are links

TrezeTreze (@the_treze_treze_museum) • Instagram photos and videos

17 mai 2020
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Black Metal Heart Mask

“Un symbole universel, sur fond blanc, fond noir, ou en motif, disponible imprimé sur beaucoup d’articles” par trezetreze

New Design,

As always, Thanks to redbubble magic, the design is available on prints, stickers, and many many other articles including pins, duvet, hoodies, etc etc

And masks ! against covid,


masque anti covid
Mask against Covid & polution Designed by TrezeTreze

14 mai 2020
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“No Laughing Matter”

“On ne peux pas tirer le diable par la queue, aujourd’hui il est inenvisageable de sortir sans un masque contre le covid, alors autant qu’il soit stylé” trezetreze 2020

Covid Protection by TrezeTreze

masque anti covid par trezetreze
plutot pastel, ou plutot métal, le masque anti covid par TrezeTreze

A few trezetreze masks for your own protection, and of others

There s one black and white, and a pastel pink one for now,

there priced around 13usd and ship worldwide

As usual thanks to magic, the artwork comes on many other items and in several sizes.

Vanité TrezeTreze 2020 (c)
“Y a pas de quoi rire” trezetreze (c)

Don’t hesitate to request me if you want another color tone or have any suggestion,

here is link for black and white

and here is the pastel pink version